DNA leads

Conventional genealogy starts with the recent past. We then work backwards step by step. If a record cannot be found, (e.g. a marriage certificate to give the mother’s maiden name) then the trail can stop. This is often referred to as ‘the brick wall’. I have posted a blog on the subject of DNA tests. (https://www.roscommonstanley.me.uk/direct-line/dna-the-magic-bullet/) I believe that DNA provides the possibility of making a leap backwards. A problem can then be attacked from two directions. For chess players this is analogous to making a knight’s jump (two steps one way and one to the side) as opposed to moving like the king (single step at a time).

Current lines of enquiry:

  1. Stanley (or Stanly) for obvious reasons
  2. Scott – because that name is recorded on my grandfather Patrick’s birth certificate
  3. Ormsby – because that name is recorded on his sister’s birth certificate
  4. Connor – because the DNA suggests a connection. The families attended the same Parish church and both surnames appear on various documents much later on
  5. McHugh – again via DNA results from American descendants. The McHugh family have their origins in Roscommon, and many still live there.

Without DNA I would not have carried out any research into either the Connor or McHugh lines.

Perhaps the DNA results will provide more names to examine.

I have uploaded my DNA onto gedmatch. (https://genesis.gedmatch.com) My reference number is WW2962088 (Keith Stanley)