More digging in the graveyard (2)

In Part 1, I looked at John J McHugh, an attendee at the funeral of Susan Kelly Cronin. It is now time to look at Barney McHugh. It was his wife who was present at the funeral.

His proper name was Bernard. The death certificate records his date of birth as 7 June 1842. He died in December 1916. He was born in Marshall, Michigan. His parents are named as Malachy McHugh (1805? -1849) and Bessie (Elizabeth) Broghan (1806? -1882), both of whom were born in Ireland. He married Margaret Melloy in May 1857. As with John J McHugh, despite dying in Chicago, he chose to be buried in the town of his birth. All four of them are to be found in St Marys.

An investigation into other members of the Malachy and Elizabeth McHugh family provides more information. In addition to Bernard, there were four other children. Another researcher says that the eldest, Susannah (1831-1890) was brought over from Ireland by her grandmother and two uncles a year after her parents made the trip. I would love to establish the name of the uncles.

The second child was Ellen (1832-1869). She married Owen Dolan. Almost inevitably, he was born in Ireland. Next came Sarah (1838-1844). The youngest was John (1844-1898). All these offspring were buried in St Marys.

For the sake of completeness, I looked at the children Bernard and Margaret. From what I can establish, there were at least four. These were: Mary (1869-1942), Thomas (1871-1939), Elizabeth (1873-1873) and Elizabeth Grace (1874-1946). It should not come as any great surprise to learn that all of them were buried in St Marys.