Looking for one relative – finding another

Patrick and Mary Muldoon (nee Stanley) were living in Dewsbury in 1891. (See Mary Muldoon) Was she the first of the family to go to Yorkshire? It appears not.

Another 1891 record for Dewsbury seems to show two more family members in the town.

Address 13 Back New Street
Parish Dewsbury


Forename Surname Age Year Born Relation Birth Place Occupation
Uriah Senior 40 1851 Head Earlsheaton, Yorkshire Card Cleaner
Kate Senior 40 1851 Wife Roscommon, Ireland Woollen Feeder
Maria Senior 6 1885 Daughter Dewsbury, Yorkshire Scholar
Catherine Senior 2 1889 Daughter Dewsbury, Yorkshire
John Stanley 24 1867 Brother Roscommon, Ireland Masons Labourer

John is the right age to be Mary’s brother. They are living at 13 Back New St, which features in Mary’s story in 1901.  She is next door at Number 11. This might be a coincidence. When a lot of coincidences start to accumulate then it is reasonable to suspect a connection. Kate cannot be the daughter of Bridget Ormsby (born 1840, married 1865). It appears that she comes from the first marriage. Her mother must have died somewhere between 1851 and 1865. Sadly, there are very few relevant church records surviving from that period. I have been unable to find out any more details. I don’t know what the name of the mother, nor if there were any other children. (Unanswered questions!)

One of the baptismal sponsors for Mary in 1868 was Catherine Stanley. Is this the Kate shown above? Probably it is. Kate would have been about 16 or 17 at the time. Canon Law for 1917 has the minimum age for a sponsor at 14. (It is now 16.) The priest had discretion to reduce this if the person was capable.