McCormack & Stanley

There were already nine (9) different people called John Stanley on this website when I started writing this post. I now introduce number ten!

On 30th November 1882 John Stanley married Ellenor McCormack. John was a bachelor from Ballyglass. Ellenor was a spinster, also from Ballyglass. The wedding took place in Cloverhill Church. This church was built about 1871.

The groom’s parents are named as Oliver Stanley and Bridget Farrell. The bride’s father was Martin McCormack. The Farrell name has come up before (see blog entitled ‘Irish Petty Sessions’ ).

The information above comes from the church records. The civil record has slightly different information, as well as additional data.

John was aged 40 (born 1842). He was a farmer, as was his father. His father’s name is shown as being Owen. A case of mishearing? There is a record of the death of an Oliver Stanley from Ballyglass on 26th April 1881, aged 80. Oliver also appears on the Griffiths Survey. I believe that the church records are more likely to be correct. The priest would (or should) know his parishioners. The civil records were kept by clerks with no personal connection. Ages at death were often rounded to the nearest five. Oliver’s date of birth was therefore somewhere around 1801.

The bride’s name is Eleanor. She was 30 (born 1852). The surname is McCormick.

John and Ellen appear on the 1901 census. They are living in Ballyglass Lower, Cloonygormican. He is 60. She is 55 (born 1846). John is missing from the 1911 census. His death is recorded as taking place on 9th July 1909, aged 70, in Ballyglass.

Do I have a connection to these people? I have been unable to prove a link. Someone else might have more information.