Ormsby or Armsby

I have written about the doubt that exists about the identity of my great grandmother. (See “Ormsby & Scott”) I have decided that it is time to put those doubts to one side. Evidence, one way or the other, may emerge from further research.

As stated in “The Ormsby connection”, a marriage took place in Kilbride Church of John Stanley to Bridget Ormsby. The record shows that Bridget was 25 years of age. If this is correct, she was born in 1840. At the time of the marriage, she was a servant living in Tonlegee. This townland is 2-3 miles from Roscommon Town.

Was Bridget born in 1840? And was her name Ormsby? The church records for Kilbride have a baptism for a girl called Bridget on 17th February 1837. The parents were Arthur Armsby (definitely written with a leading ‘A’) and Joanna Scanlon. The same parents are listed for the birth of a boy called Patrick in March 1840. In August 1842 a boy called William (Gulielmum) was baptised at the same church. The parents were Arthur Ormsby and Joanna Stanly. My attention was immediately drawn to the appearance of the Stanly name. But is the record correct? It is difficult to believe that there was an Arthur Armsby and an Arthur Ormsby, both married to a lady called Joanna attending the same church.

The 1901 census records 263 people with the Ormsby name in Ireland but only 6 called Armsby. There appears to be a case of a name, or more than one, being mis-recorded. It is easy to assume that birth records were filled in at the time. Many civil records were completed as a batch. Presumably this was when the Registrar had opportunity to do so. Perhaps the Priest left his clerical duties (as in ‘writing’, as opposed to duty as a cleric) until much later. This would go a long way to explaining my Scott or Ormsby dilemma.